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For the Dogs in Blue thumbnail

For the Dogs in Blue

If you ask Deputy Jason Behm about his partner, Harlow, he’ll tell you without hesitation that he’s the perfect K9. “He’s the ideal blend of personality and — when it comes to work — intensity,” …

Orthopedic Surgery Using 3D Printing thumbnail

Orthopedic Surgery Using 3D Printing

The Gremers and Great Danes have gone hand-in-paw for almost a generation. The first time Carrie Gremer’s family brought home a member of this tall, regal breed, she was in middle school. Years later, when …

Security in Numbers thumbnail

Security in Numbers

When 2,500 show cows march in to Madison’s World Dairy Expo each year, the potential for disease to spread rapidly is serious. That’s why our student volunteers have been instrumental in ensuring biosecurity at the …

Old Problems, New Breakthroughs thumbnail

Old Problems, New Breakthroughs

Important new research at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine is changing the way beef and dairy farmers treat digital dermatitis, a disease that has caused painful hoof lesions and hindered animal welfare and food …

Creating More Comfortable Cows thumbnail

Creating More Comfortable Cows

It’s simple: happy, comfortable cows are healthier and more productive. But what constitutes cow comfort? The Dairyland Initiative, led by experts at the School of Veterinary Medicine, blends a wealth of research results with decades …

Setting A New Standard at UW thumbnail

Setting A New Standard at UW

In 2015, a cat named Milo from Colorado reached a milestone thanks to the work of our Feline Renal Transplantation Program. Milo was the program’s longest living post-transplantation survivor, having received a kidney transplant nearly …

A New Frontier in MS Treatment thumbnail

A New Frontier in MS Treatment

New findings from School of Veterinary Medicine researchers challenge the prevailing assumptions about the cause of multiple sclerosis (MS), a brain disease that affects more than 400,000 Americans. Until now, it’s been widely accepted that …

Pioneering Stem Cell Techniques thumbnail

Pioneering Stem Cell Techniques

Researchers in the School of Veterinary Medicine have found a new way to make muscle cells from human stem cells using a technique that takes us much closer to clinical applications than other methods ever …

Building A Better Band-Aid thumbnail

Building A Better Band-Aid

A local medical start-up company is partnering with the School of Veterinary Medicine to develop the Band-Aid of tomorrow. These futuristic wound dressings have an ultrathin membrane, potentially thinner than a single cell, laced with …