Groundbreaking Work

Amazing things are happening at UW–Madison, and we can proudly say the School of Veterinary Medicine is at the heart of many of them. Yes, we train future veterinarians and specialists. But did you know that because we’re at the intersection of animal and human health, we’re also making the discoveries that transform medicine and save lives every day?

Livestock and Dairy When it comes to livestock and dairy, we are often safeguarding economies as well as ensuring animal health and welfare. From biosecurity at the World Dairy Expo to preventing painful hoof disease, our expertise makes an impact. Read More
Human Health Whether we’re developing the first effective whole virus vaccine to combat the spread of Ebola or using nanoparticles to advance the science of wound care, our work has significant implications for humans as well as animals. Read More
Animal Health From pinpoint-accurate cancer therapies to life-saving organ transplants, much of the work we do to care for animals, at the School of Veterinary Medicine and in our teaching hospital, leads to a better understanding of disease. Read More