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Every day, we impact the future of medicine in profound ways. But to continue to meet the growing needs and opportunities, we must expand into a new, bigger building.


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For over 30 years, the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine has been pushing the limits of animal and human health, from training the best in the field and providing cutting-edge clinical care to developing new medical treatments and fighting pandemics. But now we're exceeding our boundaries, and we need your support to continue our groundbreaking work.

Our building expansion campaign, Animals Need Heroes Too, is the most important endeavor we will undertake in the next three decades. The project will double the size of our small animal hospital, enhance our Morrie Waud Large Animal Hospital, increase our wet lab space by one-third, and triple our infectious disease research laboratory space, among other significant improvements. And you can be a part of it.

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UW-Madison alumni Karen Walsh and Jim Berbee grew up in the company of animals, and they surround themselves with many furry friends today - from their two dogs to dozens of foster cats and kittens. They are truly animal lovers, and they truly love what the UW School of Veterinary Medicine is doing to improve animal - and human - health.

This is why they committed $3 million to match gifts of $25,000 or more toward the school's Animals Need Heroes Too campaign. With the successful completion of the BerbeeWalsh Match, we want to thank Karen, Jim, and the many heroes who doubled their impact on the building expansion campaign. Together, you made a difference for animal and human health by supporting the most important project the school will undertake in the next 30 years.

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We need more room to grow

Among the 30 schools of veterinary medicine in the U.S., we consistently rank in the top 5 for excellence in clinical training, clinical service and biomedical research. We have graduated over 2,000 veterinarians since our first class in 1987.

Our Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program is top ranked nationally, and research dollars awarded to the school have doubled in the last three years.

Built with the capacity to see 12,000 visits each year, we currently see 24,000. And with ever-increasing demand, we could expand to see 35,000.

Our teaching hospital resides on 45,000 square feet of space, whereas the national average size of a veterinary teaching hospital is over 100,000.

We started out with 10 specialties. We currently have more than 20. Many, including radiation oncology and dentistry, require large physical footprints.

With your help, we can continue to lead.


To uncover links that lead to novel and effective care for animals and humans.


To make previously untreatable cases treatable.


To train future veterinarians, care for patients and innovate new treatments that save lives.
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